A structured, stage by stage approach designed and executed
to maximise our potential delivery.


We consistently undertake relevant market research concerning property, economic, social and policy environments nationally and globally so that we are not only up-to-date with the markets, but also anticipating changes before they happen. This allows us to best determine the areas and markets to invest in and, most importantly, when.

In undertaking such research, the team at Invictus call on years of combined industry experience and various economic/property information sources, consultants and databases.

Identify & Analyse

Using the data and information gathered during the research stage, we identify a selection of suitable property options in a variety of locations. From that shortlist we analyse each property option by way of feasibility studies to determine the financial commitment required, the potential return, the timeframe and any possible hindrances.

During this phase, we will invariably call on the expert and determinations of our panel of property consultants, including architects, designers and planners.

At the end of this stage, Invicitus will typically prepare a Property Analysis Report. This document summarises the key elements of the subject proposed property, including its suitability as an investment tool.

Enquiry & Acquisition

Once a suitable property has been identified, analysed and selected as a suitable investment, Invictus moves to the next stage, being owner enquiries with an aim to acquire.

In order to best increase the likelihood of a smooth and successful acquisition process, Invictus has a panel of select and elite Australian real estate agents at its disposal.

Furthermore, Invictus is able to assist at every point of the acquisition stage, including legal and accounting.

Value Add

Arguably the most important stage, this is where Invictus undertakes steps to add value to the acquired property. There are a multitude of ways to add value to a property, however, every property is different, as are the circumstances surrounding the acquisition of each, including, but not limited to, budgets and expected returns.

The team at Invictus is very well positioned to add significant value to the right properties. Typically, but not exhaustively, Invictus will act to add value by increasing the potential yield on any given proposed property. Examples include making applications to local councils for the redevelopment of the property or the variation of local area zoning.

Exit Strategy

Like any sound investment, there must always be an exit strategy in mind at the very conception of the proposed investment. This is something that Invictus understands very well and prepares for from the very start of any investment.

Exit strategies vary depending on the goals of Invictus or the investor. Regardless of the intended exit strategy, Invictus has the tools to find a workable solution. In the event of a proposed sale of the property, or the right to purchase the property, Invictus has a very well established network of buyers and buyers’ agents. This helps convert investments into returns quickly and with relative ease.

Project Management

Any property project requires much strategy, planning, execution and management. Through years of experience in dealing with property investments, the team at Invictus are proud to offer project management services for any and all of its clients’ property projects. This ensures that all of the goals and desired yields are best attained by having a consistent approach between the stages of the property value adding process and the management of the same.

Sales & Marketing

Invictus has a dedicated team of sales and marketing professionals that can take any finalised property product and take it to market. In addition, Invictus has a formidable network of ready and able buyers looking for investments.

Invest with trust & confidence.

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